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Our Current Volunteer Opportunities 

Farmer's Market

Take Root hosts a booth at the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning to provide a connection point between the community and us. We sell many baked goods such as scones, biscuits, and brownies. We also feature cold brew and produce, depending on the week. During this time, we also focus on outreach to the community to help food disparities within Kirksville. We would love your help sharing our message and helping us serves those in the community on a bright and early Saturday morning!

Community Dinner

Take Root has formed a partnership with First Presbyterian Church of Kirksville, MO to provide a Community Meal each month to people in the Kirksville area. The meal is made mostly from locally sourced foods--proteins, vegetables, and fruits. The food is always fresh, nourishing, and flavorful. The meals are served in biodegradable boxes that contain one meal per person. Recipients are asked to pull into the church driveway, tell the greeter how many meals they want and a 'runner" goes to the kitchen, get the number of meals requested, and deliver them to each driver. Additionally, a smaller number of meals are delivered to local people who are elderly or indisposed to getting out easily.

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