Volunteer Opportunities

At Take Root Cafe, we're always looking for new volunteers, whether it's for an hour in exchange for a meal token or if you want to volunteer weekly. Volunteer times are Tuesday through Saturday 10am-9pm. Email our Volunteer Coordinator at info@takerootkirksville.org or call us at (660) 956-4671

For groups interested in volunteering, we have the following options:

  • Day-to-day Volunteering: Sign up for a set weekly volunteer slot to help with dishes, greeting guests, bussing tables, etc. Busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays.

  • On-Call for Events and Outreach Opportunities: We sometimes have opportunities for group volunteering. Contact info@takerootkirksville.org, we'll let you know when these events come up! 

Internship Opportunities

Internships are a great way to gain solid experience with one of the many job functions needed to run a successful non-profit cafe.  We could use a hand, and you will gain skills in a committed, structured training program.  Unpaid internships as a way for you to get hands-on experience with the nuts and bolts of building a food system that works for all.  We are looking to fill the positions below, and are open to other possbilities

  • Culinary Intern (2 positions)*: intern in the kitchen to learn valuable cooking/baking skills (10-20 hrs/week)

  • Sourcing Specialist: Research and develop relationships with growers and purveyors (10-20 hrs/week)

  • Marketing and Fundraising Intern: learn valuable marketing and fundraising skills in a nonprofit setting (5-10 hrs/week)

  • Community Outreach Intern: intern in and out of the cafe learning about community outreach and education (5-10 hrs/week)

*positions working with food may be required to attend and pass a basic food safety class

To apply, email William Robb at will@takerootkirksville.org

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