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Volunteer Opportunities



 At Take Root Cafe, we're always looking for new volunteers, whether it's for 30 min in exchange for a meal token or if you want to volunteer weekly. Volunteer times are Tuesday through Saturday 10am-9pm. Email our Executive Director at jessica@takerootkirksville.org or just show up in the cafe for a volunteer shift!

For first time volunteers, we have four Volunteer Training Sessions Daily: 11:00, 1:00, 5:00, 7:00. If you're a first-time volunteer, please come at one of these times to get oriented to the cafe. 

For groups interested in volunteering, we have the following options:

  1. Day-to-day Volunteering: Sign up your group for a set weekly volunteer slot where you're committing to send 2-3 people every week to Take Root to help with dishes, greeting guests, bussing tables, etc. Busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays.

  2. Host a Fundraising Event for Take Root: We need to raise $50,000 more than what we receive from meal donations in the cafe every year. Host a fundraisier like a bake sale or fun event to help with our fundraising efforts.

  3. On-Call for Events and Outreach Opportunities: We'll be doing some door-to-door outreach and occasional events where we will need a large group of volunteers. Sign up to be on our list and we'll let you know when these events come up!


 Current board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at the cafe at 114 W Harrison St Kirksville, MO. These are open to the public; we are always looking for new ideas and collaboration. In addition to board meetings, we have numerous committees and programs that individuals or group can participate in. See below for a list of Committees and Programs.

Committees and Programs

Board of Directors: oversee annual budget and policy.

Fundraising and Finance Committee: plan and implement annual fundraisers, grants and development.

Fundraising Events Committee: plan and implement our annual fundraising events, one in late Summer and one in late Winter

Education and Community Programs Committee: plan and implement workshops, educational events, and films


-Local Food Directory/Know Your Farmer

-Workshops and Education

-After School Program

-Music, Art and Entertainment