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Sniffles and Sustainability

Well, I figured since it's cold and flu season and your girl hasn't been feeling her best. So I thought it would be a good time for some comfortable options for sustainability even when you're not feeling your best!

Since the Pandemic, there has been a mass shift into an online culture. As a result, there is a multitude of fun options that you can access from the comfort of your bed.

For example, the site Free Rice helps fight food insecurity.

Thanks to The United Nations Food Program, Free Rice is a trivia game suited for all ages and donates money to fight

food insecurity. There are so many categories to choose from biology to pop music. There was even a whole section for sustainable development goals! After playing for about five minutes, I donated 200 "grains of rice" by just answering questions. Free Rice is such an easy and entertaining game, but hey, if you like a challenge, go ahead and try the extremely hard difficulty level! Just click the picture to play!


Another at-home option would be Cornucopia. This California Academy of Sciences game allows the player to run a virtual farm and learn the ecological challenges people face.

When I started this game, I chose the garden variety level since I have been learning about it lately. During the game, I chose different plants to complete orders while watching how each product affected my water levels. Not only was this game fun to pass the time with, but it included problem-solving and a unique way to teach about sustainable farming. Just click this picture to play!


My third and personal favorite option, spend some time on Pinterest!

I get some of my best ideas simply by searching for what other people have tried in their own homes. For example, my latest thing has been reusing candle jars. I have this obsessive love for candles, but I hated just throwing out the glass, so now I repaint them and use them as decorations around our home. Another thing we have is a jar that contains all of our reusable straws right by our cup shelf because, well, save the turtles! So while you're lying in bed, try to make your list of things in your home that could use a sustainability makeover and plug it in. There are so many options, and while you have all this free time, you might as well make it personal!

With all these ways to expand your knowledge on sustainability, there is no way you'll get bored during this back-to-school season. We are hoping for nothing but good health for all of our supporters! Stay safe and wash your hands!

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