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National Everybody Eats Week

In 2003, Deborah Cerreta founded the first pay-what-you-can restaurant in Salt Lake City called the One World Cafe. This cafe inspired 60 more pay-what-you-can restaurants and placed the building blocks for the organization One World Everybody Eats (OWEE).

OWEE is a non-profit with goals to increase food security and building the community. Take Root's cafe was modeled off the same vision, "Every community is empowered to ensure food security for all."

But why is this important...

OWEE is promoting National Everybody Eats Week right now, and your very own Take Root is playing its role. Take Root began our events on Saturday with a Stamp Hunt, but there will be many more events to come in the week, so make sure you're staying up to date on our socials for all of the fun updates and even a chance. To win some prizes! But back to the week at hand.

National Everybody Eats Week is a nationally coordinated campaign to show the power of building community through food security.

They encourage people to take the pledge,

"I believe in strong communities and community-based solutions to the global issue of hunger. I pledge to learn about food insecurity in my community, invest my time to make a difference, and share what I learn with others.
My support for those who are food insecure will be steadfast. I am part of a global community that is resolved to create a dignified and inclusive solution to ensure food security for all.
I know there will be a day when everybody eats."

Take Root wants to create a more sustainable, food-secure future for our community while creating a place for community members to feel welcomed and loved. Therefore, we took the pledge to take the time to learn about our community members, produce more food security, and educate others properly to help accomplish our goals.

Will you take the pledge?

Find more information at:

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