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Fall-ing Leaves Means One Thing...

A new season means...NEW FOODS!

It's finally Fall!! I won't lie, it's definitely my favorite time of the year, from pumpkin patches to bonfires; you just can't beat it. Not to mention, we still have a fully functioning Farmer's Market until the end of October, so you can go out and grab some of these wonderful seasonal foods!

But why does the season change matter?

Season changes bring new climates and even human diet changes. For example, Summer food is typically lighter to keep the body nourished yet moving; however, when Fall and Winter roll around, it triggers "biological changes that stimulate hunger and increase cravings for more energy-dense food, " according to Laura Cipullo, RD, meaning that when our body notices the weather change, we inadvertently add calories to our diets to increase our energy levels.

But why do I care?

First off, the food just tastes better. Second, when food is in season, it can grow without outside influence, in turn making food cheaper for the consumer. Third..well, if you need a third reason, you should go check out one of my past posts because it dives into it!

So what's in season?

I'm so glad you asked! Since fall is generally considered harvest time, there are quite a few excellent seasonal foods! From apples and pumpkins to broccoli and sweet potatoes! Think Thanksgiving food; pretty much all of that is consider seasonal fall food. Other types of seasonal food would include leafy greens, beans, and root vegetables. If you'd like to see a complete list, click here!

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