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"Can" It Get Any Better Than This?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

This week we had an interview with an organization I've actually worked with a few times. The Pantry for Adair County. I had the please of speaking with Bonnie McCollum. She has been volunteering and a Board Member at the Pantry since 2016, working mainly as a stocker when she volunteers. She originally got into working for the food pantry after retiring and has stuck with it because of its impact on the food security in Kirksville. The Pantry provides food to those in need and allows families to come in once a month to pick up a bag of food, possibly including can goods, freshly grown produce, bread, and other snacks.

While most of the food is donation-based, one of the most interesting facts I found out was that they sustain their own garden. If you remember a few posts back, I talk about the MU extension; this is an example of their expansion into our community. Another way the community can help is through the events hosted by The Pantry for Adair County, such as the Soup Drive during the Super Bowl and Blessing Boxes sales, which includes 40 items given as a gift during the fall/winter.

With that said, volunteers keep the Pantry in full motion. People like Bonnie are the backbone of the Pantry; from food organization to stocking to gardening, the Pantry is always accepting volunteers, and it's as easy as just showing up! No questions asked; all you need to do is fill out an application and fill in some contact info, then you're ready to get to volunteering.

I'll let you with a final thought from Bonnie :

"It is always better to give than receive."

To find more information about The Pantry for Adair County, click here:

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