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If your pockets are full, please give a bit more. If your pockets are light, pay what you can. And if your pockets are empty, please eat and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal in exchange for an hour of volunteer time.

Our Vision

    Take Root combines the concept of a cafe and a community center, providing a space that allows everyone, regardless of means, access to healthy food.

     We provide 100% transparency in our actions and practices. We want everyone to know where our food is coming from, what we are putting in our bodies, and where the money is going. We believe that when given the opportunity to do something good in this world, people rise to the challenge.

     The vision for Take Root Cafe is to create a more compassionate, thriving, and economically strong community

through the medium of sustainable and local food.

     Our mission is to alleviate hunger and promote health by offering nourishing, high quality, local food

on a pay-what-you-can basis.

We are dedicated to:

  • Helping to end hunger by encouraging participation and not dependency.

  • Supporting and promoting local family farms and farmers by paying for food at market value, with the exception of donations of first-rate, high-quality food from local sources.

  • Giving people the opportunity to give back to the community and café through service.

  • Serving local, organic-when-possible, and unprocessed fresh food and drink.

  • Honoring the natural abundance which has been given to us, and being good stewards of Earth.

  • Cultivating community dialogue and activities by supporting other local businesses, social action, and grassroots efforts.

  • Providing a space for the education of the public about the current food system and building food security.

  • Implementing green, sustainable, & compassionate business operations.

  • Eliminating waste in the food industry.

  • Paying living wages for employees & providing job-training skills.

  • Increasing tourism to the downtown square of Kirksville.

  • Trusting our customers to be inspired, honest, and fair in their exchange of money and/or time for the food we prepare both mindfully and in a heartfelt way each day.

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