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Events and Community Programs

For Take Root Cafe's most up to date event and community programs, along with details,

visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/takerootkirksville/events

*NOTE: Not all events or programs listed are sponsored by Take Root Cafe, therefore do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Take Root. *

Upcoming Events and Activities Hosted by Take Root:

Monthly Pizza Night at Take Root:

February 15th 5-7pm

Sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church

Reiki Yoga with Joni and Amanda:

February 29th 9:30am


EVERY Tuesday at 5:30PM: Restorative Yoga with Amanda

contact: gypsyseeds@gmail.com

Wednesdays at 5:45pm: Yoga with Gigi, Jan 15-Feb 19, 2020

contact: ripplesedgexx@gmail.com

EVERY Thursday at 10:30AM: Yoga 101 with Amanda

contact: gypsyseeds@gmail.com


EVERY Thursday at 5:30 PM: Slow Flow Yoga with Amanda

contact: gypsyseeds@gmail.com


EVERY Friday at 6PM: Live Music in the cafe (only August-May)

contact: jessica@takerootkirksville.org



Other Events at Take Root, hosted by friends in the community:



What does Take Root bring to the community?

For information about renting or using Take Root's 3rd Floor Community Space, please visit our Venue Page.