Summer Bounty 2020 Giving Campaign
An open letter to our community

Our work at the cafe - well, besides serving you a plate of delicious food -  is multifaceted.  Making a nice meal affordable can seem like a simple act: we put a delicious plate of food on the table on a pay-what-you-can basis. 


The food system behind that plate, however, can be complex. This is where we make lasting change - by addressing the intertwined impacts of the industrial food system: food insecurity, dietary-related diseases, and a weakened rural economy.

Recently I have been immersed in the work of Bob Quinn, a Montana wheat farmer who speaks in a plain spoken and compelling way of the “high cost of cheap food”.  We are paying one of those costs now - a loss of resiliency in our food supply as industrial processing operations are transformed into covid hotspots.

Since its inception, Take Root has been seeking to build a different kind of food system - one that accounts for the true costs of production.  An essential and challenging part of this work, one that our pay-what-you-can model addresses directly, is to do so without endangering access to high quality food.


To do this we need your support!
Take Root is asking for your continued partnership to raise $58,000 during our Summer Bounty 2020 Campaign. 
This is a large number and we do not ask lightly.  Driven by the anomalous events of this spring, this level of funding is critical to our continued operation.  You contributions wll fund: 

  • Replaceing business losses - The numbers are stark.  As we closed due to covid, 18% of our annual revenue evaporated, and we are still operating at reduced capacity.  Your contribution will allow us to keep operating despite these losses.

  • Expanding outreach and access - Our situation is not unique; businesses and households across the county have been hit hard. Your contribution will give us the ability to expand food access in this time of need.

  • Adapting to a changed economy - Finding new ways to deliver on our mission requires operating funds in addition to creativity and hard work.  Your contribution will develop initiatives that deepen the direct connection between the farm and table; for example in-store retail and contactless purchase of locally-sourced provision boxes. 

Ways To Support

Online Donation

Write a Check

Write a check to "Take Root",  drop it off at the cafe, or mail to

PO BOX 221, Kirksville MO 63501


In Kind Donation

Check our wishlist below for needed items large and small.  Or, donate your time by volunteering!


Want more information?  Want to tell us something?  Questions?   Comments?


Contact our Executive Director, William Robb 

(660) 956-3609 


Know someone interested in learning about our work? Let me know and I'll reach out - Will (802) 233-3609

Grow Our Network

Our favorite way for you to support us! Stop by the cafe & enjoy our food 

114 W Harrison

Kirksville MO 63501

Share our Food


  • Floor and Table Lamps

  • Tables seating 4 - 8

  • Small display cooler

  • Chest Freezer

Take Root is a registered nonprofit under the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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