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Our Inspiration


Founding - Our Inspiration

     In 2012 after the birth of their son, Elijah,Tracy and Jessica Parks gave away everything they owned and began searching the world for something greater than themselves. After experiencing many different models of community and sustainable living, they realized how much people need each other, especially at a time when society and our planet are suffering so greatly.

     It was difficult and heartbreaking to think about how many people are going hungry in the world, dying from preventable diseases, and struggling often because of excess consumption in countries like the United States. Yet that is exactly what Tracy and Jessica did; they let their hearts break.

     It was in the opening of their hearts that the seed for Take Root was sowed. Because they discovered it’s not just others that are suffering; they were too. From hunger to obesity to cancer, Americans are experiencing epidemic proportions of these in our country. At the same time, poor agricultural practices are ravaging the land, more species are becoming extinct every day, and it’s predicted that our children will live sicker and die younger than us. It isn’t easy to look at how we are living and how that affects ourselves andour neighbors. But we must, because we can change it.

     Jessica and Tracy altered how and why they were living, and the inspiration for Take Root sprouted. They were hungry for something real in a culture that distracts, disconnects, and divides too many of us. Here in America, we have the potential to shift the world towards a more positive future. We can create a future that is filled with real abundance for everyone. The creation of a vibrant local economy is possible right now. While at the same time, we can treat our planet and people with dignity and respect.

     That’s when Take Root began to blossom. Seeing the need for a shared physical space to come together over these topics and make a better future for our children and grandchildren. Take Root Cafe is a platform that empowers individuals and groups to create new systems and structures, while also getting a nourishing and affordable meal at the same time. We need people from all walks of life at the table and in the conversation. It’s going to take everyone if we truly want a space that invites all to listen, learn, and live together.

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