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Potted Sprouts


The seed for Take Root was planted because sustainable living affects us all; hunger and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in our country. Yet, at the same time, industrial, agricultural practices are ravaging the land and hollowing our rural communities. It isn’t easy to look at. But doing so is the first step to change. 


The inspiration for Take Root sprouted when Jessica and Tracy began living this change. They were hungry for building deep roots in a culture that distracts, disconnects, and divides. They envisioned a more positive future, a more grounded in a vibrant local economy that treats both environment and people with dignity and respect.

Where We 
Are going

Seedlings in Pots

We are still actively working on finding new ways to continue to provide good food on an affordable basis to residents of Kirksville and surrounding regions. Following the OWEE (One World, Everyone Eats) principle of food with dignity, this spans to the continuum of eaters in our communities, from those simply wishing to enjoy a good meal away from home to those having trouble providing for themselves. 

As we rebuild from the losses incurred by the pandemic, including our cafe space, we wish to remain a visible presence in the community, nourishing the goodwill we have developed over the years. Doing so through ongoing communication coupled with action will have us continue to serve and strengthen the foundational relationships that support us through fundraising and volunteering.


Green Farm

Our Mission:

 to alleviate hunger and promote health by offering nourishing, high-quality, local food on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Take Root is a platform that empowers individuals and groups to create a new food system while providing nourishing and affordable meals. We welcome people from all walks of life at the table and in the conversation. It’s going to take everyone if we truly want a space that invites all to listen, learn, and live together. We envision a new home for our cafe, filled with good food and people,  We see gardens, raised beds filled with flowers and herbs, rows of greens for the table, vegetables for the pantry - our own, and shared with the food shelf.  Canning classes in our teaching kitchen, kids learning to plant and harvest, peel, chop, and cook (and of course ... wash dishes!).  A pleasant place to sit, a place to learn, a shared table for all.

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